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Believe it or not, too much standing water on your garden bed or lawn can be just as damaging as not having enough water. One of the most primary concerns for your landscape should be proper water drainage. Subpar water flow, shifting foundations, molds and fungi, and insect infestations are all issues that arise when you do not address drainage issues.
Problematic water drainage is a common complication for homeowners. Standing water in your yard not only impedes the use of your lawn, it can also cause severe damage to your home. The most common drainage damages include foundation damages, basement flooding, landscape erosion, and standing yard water. If you are in need of reliable drainage solutions, you are in luck. We at Nature’s Landscaping Inc provide superior water drainage in Louisville, KY.
As a drainage contractor, Nature’s Landscaping Inc uses a variety of drainage maintenance solutions to prevent further damage to your landscape and property. Our professionals comprehensively inspect the terrain of your landscape to provide an effective water redirection plan.
We can offer a number of suggestions to alleviate your water problems while working within your budgetary needs. The several drainage services we provide, include (but are not limited to):

  • Trenching
  • Burying Downspouts
  • Placing Drainage Tile and Drain Pipe
  • Installing Water Collection Systems, Flo-Wells, and French Pipes
  • Correcting Yard Grade
The cause of drainage problems can be difficult to identify, but you will certainly notice telltale signs when drainage problems do pop up. That is why it is important to inspect your property routinely. If you have damp spots, musty odors, or soil erosion in different location, you should call on our professionals immediately.
Not only does Nature’s Landscaping Inc resolve your problem here and now, we provide long-term solutions so that it does not come back. 

Call on our reputable team for quality landscape maintenance today.

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